Round 8 Results

The Round 8 results have now been posted and the table updated.

With an unbeaten run, Bishopdale Rovers have now firmly established themselves at the top of the table and are the CIFL Champions for 2015! Nearly all of the other Division 1 teams are still in play to be Runner-Up so there’ll be no rest for those teams until the final whistle blows.

Division 2 remains and an open field for a number of teams. The GPC Wookiees have climbed to the top of the table this week. One Way Jesus still have a game in hand this weekend and Chch North, Te Raranga, Sino United and Hansarang all still have a chance to stamp their name on the shield this season.

Don’t forget, your MVP nominations need to be chosen and submitted by the final round. We have also scheduled the CIFL Sevens end of season tournament for August 29. Make sure you’ve got the morning off!