Round 8 and beyond

The Round 7 results are in and have been posted.

Bishopdale Rovers are holding onto their lead in Division 1, while defending champions, Ox-E-Gen, are catching up. It will now take an upset for the Rovers to lose their lead of the championship. In Division 2 we still have a number of contenders in the running. Sino United currently hold the lead on points and goals scored.

The Division 1 draw will now follow a playoff schedule for the final 3 rounds. We follow a simple formula for the schedule. The points table will decide the winner at the end of the season. All play-off games will still finish after the standard 90 minutes regardless if there is a winner or a draw. In the case of a draw, the higher ranked team will proceed to the next round as the assumed winner if a draw is recorded.

Have a great week.