Round 4 & 5 Results

The latest round of results have been posted and the table updated. With the QEII long weekend we still have an incomplete table with a couple of games outstanding. We are at the mid point of the season now, so the groups are starting to take shape with some table leaders emerging.

The Bishopdale Rovers are taking a lead in the championship with a win rate of 100%. AC United 1 follow closely by 3 points. While South City United, Ox-E-Gen and the Ilam Cherubs chase the points in the mid-field. In division 2 One Way Jesus and Hansarang hold onto the lead. But Te Raranga, Sino United and Christchurch North United are all close behind.

We have some catch-up games to play this week before round 6 kicks off at the end of the month. Keep an eye on the draw and the weather reports as snow may bring some interruption to proceedings as we play through the season.