Team composition

  • A team will consist of a max of eleven players for each match.
  • Seven players only on the field of play at any one time, while substitutes remain on the sideline. Substitutions can be made at any time during the match and referee’s approval is not needed. Substitutions must be made during stoppage. Substitutions may be made at a stoppage from any team although the referee will not wait for the substitution to be made. Only 7 players may remain on the field at any given time. Any infringement of this will result in a free kick
  • Only the same eleven players that start the match may be used in that match. No outside substitutions may be used.
  • Goalie – Player substitutions must be made aware to the referee and can only happen during a stoppage of play controlled by that team.
  • Substitutions may only come on to the field of play from the halfway line.
  • All team members must wear matching shirts of the same color. (bibs can be provided if necessary)


  • Each team must supply a referee for one or two other games
  • Referees for knockout games are volunteers, please see Jono about this at the main station
  • The referee will wear a bib supplied by the CIFL Organizers (available at the main tent)
  • Captains, please pick your referees carefully, we only want the best from your teams.
  • Normal CIFL rules apply.
  • Points awarded are 3 for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss.
  • Each team must provide their referee with a whistle. It is the responsibility of each captain to ensure that their referees are aware of their requirements.
  • Pool winners will be decided by points. If points are equal for a given place then the winner will be decided in the following order: highest goal difference, goals for, goals against
  • Any two or three way draws will be decided by penalty shoot outs.
Updated: 2 November 2023