Additional Rules

  • There are no off-sides (as it is 7 aside this will open up the play)
  • Ball is kicked in rather that a throw and opposition players need to be about 4 m from the kick in to allow it to happen
  • At a free kick players must be back 7m
  • Penalty areas are marked on the field therefore normal rules apply to tackles, handball in the penalty area apply.
  • Penalties are taken from the edge of the penalty area.
  • From QF stages on, 3 penalties each and then to sudden death

Time keeping

  • Referees and teams must be ready to play 5 minutes before the start of their match.
  • The matches are played in two 7-minute halves with no half time break. At the half time hooter teams will change ends and start play immediately.
  • The timed start for each match will be signaled by one long blast on the horn. The end of the first half will be two short blasts and the end of each match will be another long blast.
  • Referees must stick to the time keeping of the horn and blow their whistle immediately.
  • If one team is ready and the opposing team is not on the field, the referee must start the game and the team ready to play can score a goal unopposed after which, that team then wins by 3 goals by default.
  • In the event that it is a ‘no show’ by both teams, the referee will record a forfeit 5 mins after kick off time and neither team will gain any points.