Format for the day

In the group stage, teams play a round-robin format against other teams in the same group. The top two teams from each group advance to the finals. Points are used to rank the teams within a group.

Games are 10 minutes each way with no half-time break. There will be a 5 minute break between games to allow teams to get set up for the next round.

Each team is to provide a referee for a match or two. The referee must wear a bib (supplied by the CIFL Organisers) and have a whistle. All rules of the league apply. This includes our strict code against abuse of players or the referee. Any player caught fighting will be immediately ejected from the competition and their team will forfeit the match. If your referee doesn’t turn up by kickoff please use due diligence and ref a half each.

The quarter and semi-finals are an elimination round in which teams play each other and a penalty shoot out is used to decide the winner if necessary. The finals begin with the winner of each group playing against the runner-up of another group. There are one or two rounds before the final, depending on the total number of teams competing. If the final is tied at full time then the teams will play 10 minutes extra time (5 minutes each way) and a penalty shoot out decides the winner if the scores are still tied.

What to bring

Teams are to each bring a match ball, goal nets and a whistle for their referee.

Players should bring their kit, plenty of water and something to eat between matches. Teams should also pack a first aid kit including an ice-pack.


The prize-giving will take place immediately after the finals.


The final will follow the trophy presentations. We would like to invite all teams to stick around to cheer on their peers. If you, or a member of your team would like to referee one of these matches then please see the organizers before the trophy presentation.

Finally, we ask that all teams please take away their own rubbish as a show of respect for the grounds.

Good luck to all teams.

Updated: 6th September 2017